Counterfeit GM-816HD possess NO "Region Free <NOTE: 1>" function

Recently we have been frequently reported from our distributors that there were certain amounts of counterfeit GM-816HD have always troubled them. After having a test on the fake, we found that aside from the inferior manufacturing quality the fake is, possess NO Region Free function <NOTE: 1> as it shall have in the genuine one.

In order to prevent consumers from buying those inferior counterfeits, we provide a brief comparison chart for the potential users to identify the fake from the genuine GM-816HD per attached – comparison chart here.

<NOTE: 1>: Region Free
The publication of worldwide DVD movies are divided into region 1, region 2, region 3 etc., totally 9 Regions respectively for the regions of Japan, Northern America, southern America etc.; the PS2 console bought from region-1, for example, can only play the movies designated for region-1, playing DVD regions other than region-1 is forbidden in region-1 PS2 consoles.
"Region Free" is a specific function that allows the console, after modification, being able to play all the regions of DVD movies in despite of whatever the region restriction of the PS2 console is.

Genuine GM-816HD

The Fake

Front View

Back View

Recently we are frequently reported that there were inferior counterfeit of GM-816HD appeared on the market. It looks almost identically the same with the genuine one from the outer appearance. We added a “G” mark on the PCB board in order to make user easier to distinguish the genuine from those of the counterfeits, as shown in the picture below

Note: There might still be some remnant genuine GM-816HD which has no "G" mark printed on the PCB board remaining on the market. In such a case please refer to the 2010.05.27 News stated below. As well, you can differentiate the circuitry layout in between genuine and the fakes for your comparison purpose.


Counterfeit of GM-816HD

We were reported recently from our customers that some mal-functions and market returns of Mars Pro GM-816HD had been found on the market and which had caused a lot of troubles to them. After our investigation we find that there was certain amount of inferior counterfeits sold on the market that had made the troubles on our customers. For further information please - here

Genuine GM-816HD

The Fake

Front View

Back View

Release new editions of GM-816HD and GM-806HD

To facilitate the installation of the latest PS2 SCPH-9000x series, we have revised the layout of GM-816HD and GM-806HD to new editions as shown below. All functions are kept the same except the PCB layout.

Note: Be aware of those additional soldering points while they were left unused on the back side of the modchip. Please keep them isolated from those conductive parts on the main board.

(Front view of GM-806HD)
(Backside view of GM-806HD)
(Front view of GM-816HD)
(Backside view of GM-816HD)

Performance Comparison for modchips working on new PS2 - PCB version GH-071-42

Recently we've completed a test on the performances of various chip over the newly announced PS2 SCPH-90006, PCB version GH-071-42, and made out a comparison chart for your reference purpose as below;
Boot \ ModChips
Matrix Infinity V1.99
Modbo 4.0
PS2 DVD games
PS2 CD games
PS games Auto boot
Movie Auto boot
O : Boot Ok, and function OK.
v : Boot Ok by pressing “RESET” button twice.
Unstable: Sometimes boot OK while sometimes NOT.
X: Boot failed.

Rolling out today a new version of D2Cpro, GW-619

GW-619 features 21-wire-count only, it gives a great relief for wiring work in comparison to its previous GW-601’s 31-wire-count.

Posting the diagram for installation of SCPH-90000 & 90006

GM-816HD works perfectly with SCPH-90000

We've just had a test on GM-816HD for being working on the latest released PS2 SCPH-90000 (GH-070-42). After completing the tested we'd like to inform you that GM-816HD is 100% compatible with SCPH-90000 and the Installation Diagram is to be released later.

SCPH-79000 is reported compatible

We got a SCPH-79000 on hand this morning for compatibility test; fortunately we’d like to inform all of you fellow customers that all the modchip currently in our production line-up includes GM-816HD and GM-806HD are reported compatible with SCPH-79000. The installation diagram is now under processing and is to be available on this website soon.


We’d like to announce 2 evolutionary ModChip, GM-816HD and GM-806HD. An extra feature - HD Loader direct boot function is added on it respectively in addition to its previous models GM-816 and GM-806...For further info

The installation diagram for SCPH-77001 is

Mars Pro GM-816 & GM-806 support the latest SCPH-77001

We'd like to present to you the newly designed GM-816.
We'd like to inform you that our current model Mars Pro GM-816 & GM-806 are compatible with the latest SCPH-77001. The installation diagram is to be posted soon as we complete the final checking.

Announcing newly designed GM-816

We'd like to present to you the newly designed GM-816.
Besides carrying all the features built in it previous A752, GM-816 also features the extended media compatibility to cover the latest DVD disc format DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL and an user friendly Auto U/I function for operating the console at ease; for playing any games or any DVD movies what you have to do is just insert the disc and press RESET once again.

The A752 extends its backward compatibilities to cover all the series of SCPH-7500x, -700xx and 5000x.

We'd like to release today the latest evolutionary A752 which has extended its backward compatibility to cover all the series of SCPH-7500x, SCPH-700xx and SCPH-5000x series and, in the meantime the manipulation of playing DVD movies "by pressing RESET button Triple".has been changed to " by pressing RESET button Twice"

The latest modchip A752 extended its compatibilities to cover SCPH-700xx series

We'd like to announce today that we've extended the A752's backward compatibility to cover not only SCPH-7500x but also all the SCPH-700xx series and be effective as of March 1st shipment.

Newly released Mars Action A752

We'd like present to you the latest developed Mars Action A752 which is compatible with all the SCPH-7500x series, features all the functions the same as its forerunners.
for more

Releasing a new Installation Diagram for

GM-815 support SCPH-75001

We’d like to reconfirm that the newly developed GM-815 compatible with SCPH-75001 includes GH-037-01, GH-037-11 and GH-040-51. Please be aware of that the wiring of installation of GH-040-51 is to be a little bit different from the previous version which is made for both GH-037-01 and GH-037-11. Please contact your supplier for more details.

Newly Released Mars Pro GM-815

We’d like to release today an evolutionary version of Mars Pro GM-815 which covers all the Functionality & compatibility of both its previous version GM-806 and the latest Mars Action A750, compatible with both SCPH-700xx series and the latest SCPH-75001.
Please also be aware of that the SCPH-75001 itself has many versions of the main circuitry board (PCB) according to the market reports. The compatibility of the PCB No. coded GH-037-01 and GH-037-11 is confirmed; but as to the PCB No. other that the aforementioned, further confirmation is highly suggested.
Further Info….here

Newly Announced...
Mars Pro GM806

In addition to all the features carried on GM-805SL, the enhanced GM-806 is capable of components video output (Y, Pb, Pr) connection for better moving picture quality. Besides, the user friendly AUTO U/I function will automatically detect the disc media. Disc of PS1 games, PS2 games or DVD movies in spite of whatever the media format D5, D9, CD-R, DVD+/-R or DVD+/-RW is all you have to do is just, insert the disc and enjoy your gaming...More details

Newly released...
Mars Action A750
fully support the new PSTwo SCPH 75001.

To cope with the latest released PSTwo SCPH 75001, we'd like to roll out a newly developed Mars Action A750 features fully support of SCPH 75001 in each respective functions such as PS2 games, PS1 games and Region Free DVD playing.
For more details please contact your local dealers or agents....More details

Multi-disc games & Action Replay’s disc swapping function supported

We’d like to reconfirm that Mars Pro modchip GM-805SL supports disc swapping function which is vital for more characters interactive in-between in multi-disc gaming such as Dynasty Warriors 4, as well as cheat-code devices prevailing on the market, Action Replay Max for instant.


This is to notice you that the protection circuit board PTR-2, which was used to be enclosed in Mars Pro GM-805SL as an attachment, has now been changed to a smaller designed PTR-5 in order to fit into both the newly designed PSTwo V-13 and the existed V-12. Installation of PTR-5 please refer to here.

P. S.
In the new PSTwo V13, Sony has re-engineered the servo circuitry for better protection of the laser module which has significantly reduced the possibility of the laser burn-out syndrome. Under such circumstance, protection board being adding on the new PSTwo V13 is not anymore recommended.
For some customers who consider a protection board being adding on the new PSTwo V-13 better than not, we recommend PTR-5 as a replacement of PTR-2 in order to fit into PSTwo V-13.


GM-805SL compatible with the latest PSTwo model version V13

After having a strict compatibility test, we confirm that GM-850SL modchip fully support the latest PSTwo model version V13.


Hi, by adopting a newly developed LPP (Low Power Patching) technology we’d like to unveil a newly designed modchip GM-805SL today.
Further to all the features of its previous version of GM-805SE, GM-805SL is designed to be more saving of the consuming current and be more efficient of heat dispersion as well as more capable of noise immunity and, as a result, it makes an enhancement for both the functional reliabilities and reading abilities for variety of media, in comparison to the previous GM-805SE. For more details, please refer to each related pages in this web site.

New release, compatible with 700xx.

Update installation (GM-805).

Thanks to our development team and everyone that supported us in that project!
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